Work Experience

During the last 15 years Bettina has danced for different companies and performed regularly with other dancers, musicians, light designers and video artists in Europe and the United States. Her interest in Instant Composition has led her more and more to collaborations with artists who are committed to improvisation as a way of making performance.
She has been employed by artists such as the French companies Cie Songes and Cie Sisyphe Heureux as well as by the Belgium Company Niñoa.
Bettina collaborated with dancers such as Haïm and Muriel Adri, Marisa Grande and Nathalie Hervé, with the musicians Anne La Berge, Manuela Bucher and Cristin Wildbolz and the photographers Marilia Destot and Ellen v.d. Kooij.
She has been invited to different international research projects such as "I-Compose" and "Score et I'Improvisation" and initiated "The Body Map Project" - where the work created was presented in performances as well as in publications.

Since 1998 Bettina has taught Instant Composition in Europe and the U.S. and has given workshops in SRT since 2004. Among other places she has taught at Rotterdam Dance Academy, Tanzhaus NRW, SFADI/Seattle, Cie Songes/ Valence, TanzImpuls/Karlsruhe and Academy for Design/ Eindhoven. She has also led workshops and projects for non-professional dancers, deaf people, designers, architects, social workers and elder people.
In the last 3 years her interest in memory as a source for dance led her to take part in the film "Scherenschnitt", by Haïm Adri and her solo "Augenmusik", a performance about the traces of the genealogic memory in our body.
Recently she has been working on the project "Schwarzer Schwan" a poetic film-documentary about Erna Morena, actrice in the German silent film industry in collaboration with the Dutch sound engineer and light designer Natasja Giebels.