A piece by Haïm Adri, Company Sisyphe Heureux, in collaboration with the Algerian plastic artist and calligrapher Rachid Koraïchi

'The Absent' is a performance about sensual pleasure and sensual pain, desire and taboo. Texts from the Bible as well as from Sufi poetry reflect on the human duality of sensual and spiritual love.
The performance presents a dance of extreme contrasts: changing rhythms, excess and moderation, the exuberance of sensual pleasure and sorrowful renunciation. Danced within scenery of oriental beauty, made by the calligraphic work of Rachid Koraïchi the piece manifests the eternal paradox of love.

Concept and direction: Haïm Adri
Design/Calligraphy: Rachid Koraïchi
Dance: Haïm Adri, Nathalie Hervé, Bettina Neuhaus, Samuel Dutertre
Live Music: Alex Morel (flute)
Sound collage: Frédéric de Ravignan and Benôit Hillebrant
Text, voice: Muriel Adri
France 2002

Co-production of Cie Sisyphe Heureux, Théâtre Gérald Philippe de Champigny sur Marne, C.C.N. de Créteil du Val de Marne and the Cie Monatalo-Hervieu with the support of the DRAC Ile-de-France, la SPADIDAM and ADAMI.


The calligraphies presented on this website were designed by Rachid Koraïchi.