Marilia Destot

The intimacy of Bettina, Paris - Amsterdam 2003

A photo project by Marilia Destot in collaboration with Bettina Neuhaus

"My photographic research is turning toward portrait. An intuitive approach, instantly composing with shapes and colours, gesture and figure. I am inspired by natural and simple beauties, intimate and sensual universes, which I like to translate with some poetry, melancholy or even drollery.

'Bettina' s intimacy' reveals intimate fragments of her daily life: getting up, getting washed, tea time, crossing the park, rehearsing, dancing. This series of portraits, of particular moments and suspended gestures finds its rhythm by two colours alternating: green and red-purple. Two colours that symbolize two scenes: Amsterdam and Paris, our two worlds.
Like a Chinese portrait, I capture and distil these small things, which touch me and bind me to Bettina: her physical attention to the environment, her reserved beauty, her intense relationship to nature, her personal objects which all tell us a family story, her words noted and stuck on the wall...
Marilia Destot

Marilia Destot, photographer, Paris
Idea and concept: Marilia Destot in collaboration with Bettina Neuhaus
Photography: Marilia Destot
Amsterdam/Paris 2003