Où sont donc passés les 7 nains?

A piece inspired by the films of Walt Disney, directed by Conchita Fernandez del Campo, Company Niñoa

In this performance 4 women come on stage, each of them bringing her own universe inspired by her specific character, thoughts, imagination and dreams.
4 different stories meeting, crossing and juxtaposing with each other and developing a kaleidoscopic universe full of surprises, contrasts, lightness and humour that resembles the fabulous world of fairy tales or the films of Walt Disney.

Concept and artistic direction: Conchita Fernandez del Campo
Dance: Muriel Adri, Conchita Fernandez del Campo, Bettina Neuhaus, Carme Renalias
Sound: Brigitte Dedry

Co-Production of Cie Niñoa, De Velinx and Les Chiroux with the support of Centre Culturel Engis and Huy, the Cultural Ministry of the French Community and the Province Limburg.